Married twice to violent men – How couldn’t she spot the symptoms?

I HAVE been with my new man for almost two years now’, stated a reader, after divorcing a bullying and violent husband some five years ago. “This new man is a complete opposite of my ex; considerate, kind and patient. He tells me I am the best thing that has happened to him – except that he is a heavy drinker and I supposed he must be on drugs.
Lately, he wants me to go out with him only and not with my friends whom, he said were unmarried and irresponsible. We don’t live together as I’m not ready for a repeat of the last experience I had with my ex. Most of the members in my family think I’m on a death wish going out with a low-life like him. But he seems to have a hold on me. I’ve threatened to leave him because of his drinking, but he scares me when he always threatens: “If I can’t have you – no one will…’


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