Fetty Wap Announces Title Of Second Album

Fetty Wap is far from done or at least that’s what he is telling us in his latest interview with XXL. The one-eyed crooning rapper announced he has been working on his sophomore album for quite some time and now aims to drop it in the coming weeks.

The Paterson native revealed the title of the project is King Zoo. He also shared he wants to drop it in September, around the same time he unleashed his debut self-titled record. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

A few weeks back you dropped the single “Different Now.” Fire record by the way. On the cover art, you have your two eyes. What was the reason behind that?

That wasn’t really my idea. I guess that was more of a marketing idea with the track being called “Different Now.” I don’t even know why they chose that, you know what I’m saying? But I just knew it was going to bring attention so it kind of worked I guess. Plus, I just really wanted everyone to listen to the song and it worked out pretty good.

Does the release of the single mean your sophomore album is coming soon? Is there a title for the project already?

Yeah, definitely. The title of my sophomore album is going to be King Zoo. I’ll probably have it out by September. I really want to drop it around the same time I dropped my last album; that would be cool.

Read the rest of the interview on this link. Fetty speaks on number of other topics, including how he approached recording King Zoo.


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